Fabrication process of Stretch Film

The stretch film is a flexible material of plastic nature, which usually comes in last state as a thin transparent plastic film wound on a cardboard tube.

Its most common use is to secure cargo on pallets, thanks to the large load holding power and self-adhesiveness to give the palletized goods, a strong protection in both the transfer as in storage and isolation against atmospheric agents, dirt, dust, humidity, pollution or damage.

Its generic name is LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) linear low density polyethylene and belongs to the group of polymers known as polyolefins. The manufacturing process thereof is carried out by cast coextrusion trilayer system.

In its natural state appears as a transparent material, but we get a stretch film of almost any color by coloring it during its manufacturing process, the most common being white, black and blue.

Thanks to these opaque colors to better protect the goods of light and sunlight or possible theft during transportation and storage. We can also make our own merchandise differentiation by type or color batch, and distinction from the competition by simple design and image.